Now accepting reservations for our summer-only BBQ plan!


【Limited to Summer】Very popular every year★Now accepting reservations for BBQ, one night stay and three meals★

Enjoy a very popular BBQ lunch every year in the sea in front of you!
In addition, you can enjoy fishing, swimming and playing in the sea right in front of you!
★1 Night/ 3 Meals★
2nd day Lunch is barbecue with meat & turnip grill

30 seconds with a dash! The sea is right in front of you!
You can fully enjoy the sea on the private beach!

<NEW>New guest room 120 square meters royal room

  • Scheduled to open in November 2023 Royal suite room of 120 square meters

    A special room with only one room is scheduled to open on the second floor of the detached building.
    The guest room has a private barrel sauna, an open-air bath, a water bath,
    It has a private dining room and a private bedroom.

<NEW> Suite room with hot spring semi-open-air bath【Wave incense】

  • December 4, 2021 "Wave incense" grand opening!

    On the first floor of the Heisei

    "Completely barrier-free" compatible!

    Approximately 100 m2 suite with wormcation room and dining room is open!

    From the hot spring semi-open-air bath in your room, you can monopolize the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan!

Cuisine Ryokan Ryokan Heisei, three attractions

Hotel Facilities·Hot Springs

  • lobby

    Cuisine Ryokan is a Cuisine Ryokan"Ryokan Heisei" just outside the Sea of ​​Japan.
    There is a large window in the entire lobby where guests are greeted,
    It reflects the sea of Echizen just like a picture.
  • Large Communal Bath(men's bath)

    The "Echizennanbu Onsen" that was drawn into the proud cypress bath
    Moisturizes and moisturizes the skin. "Bijin-no-yu』It is also effective against muscle pain and neuralgia.
    The largest hot spring bath on Echizen Beach,
    Please relax and heal your daily fatigue.
  • Sauna(Men's bath only)

    Surrounded by heat waves and the scent of trees, refresh your mind and body.
    Would you like to relieve your daily fatigue and stress and experience blissful relaxation?
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27-2-1 Takasa, Echizen Town, Nyu County, Fukui Prefecture

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Located on the sea side of National Route 305. About 45 minutes from Tsuruga to the north.One hour to the south from Tojinbo cliffs.

Pick-up presence (condition)
Reservation required two days in advance.Depending on the day it may be refused for the reason of the shuttle car.
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