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Echizen Crab Ryokan Heisei

Deliciousness of confidence, various street

Enjoy the freshness with passion for quality, please enjoy the greatest taste.

  • Reasons for deliciousness are "freshness", freshness protected by the marginal interest

    A fishing boat in Fukui, which is close to the fishing ground, can fish on a day trip.
    Therefore, it is not frozen on board but is live as it is lost.
  • Speed ​​not to drop the seasonal live taste

    Echizen Crab which was brought to landing will be served at that time on that day.
    Only gems that have been selected by more skilled craftsmen will be brought to Ryokan Heisei specialized cages.
  • Please enjoy the extreme taste of passion without freshness and quality.

    Echizen Crab nutrient-rich Wakasa Bay where warm current and cold current intersect.
    Among them, the customer is eager to eat, it is the highest quality that makes you feel big and heavy weight.
    Please try to taste both the excitement that breaks from the crushed shell, as if you can not wait and overflow.