See one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan from your room

The view of the Japan Sea that extends out from your room was selected as one of the top 100 places to view the sunset in Japan, and it offers a different experience in each of the four seasons.

When you watch the award-winning sunset view here in Echizen, both the sky and the ocean are dyed a brilliant amber color. Please relax in your room and enjoy the subtle gradation changes as the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

A place where you can relax and be yourself.

Heisei special rooms

1~4 people

These spacious rooms include a living room space where you can stretch out and take it easy. Enjoy the sunset over the Sea of Japan to your heart’s content.

Rooms with a view of the sunset over the Sea of Japan, one of the top 100 sunset views in the country.

1~6 people

You can enjoy watching the sun set over the Sea of Japan as you relax and make yourself at home in your room.

Mountain view rooms

1~4 people

Although these rooms don’t have a view of the ocean, they’re available on a budget for this reason.

Rooms in the Yadokari annex

2~6 people

When all rooms at Heisei are full, you can also stay in the Yadokari annex.
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Room equipment・Amenity

Room equipment

TV・Empty Refrigerator・safe・Toilet with Washlet


Towel・Bath towel・Tooth brushing・Yukata