Inn facilities, hot spring

ロビー ようこそ「平成」へ。波音に身をまかせ、ゆったりとした時間をお過ごし下さい。

The Heisei lodging and cuisine facility is located next to the Sea of Japan. The lobby that welcomes customers to the facility has large windows on all sides, providing a complete view of the Echizen area’s coastline and ocean.

Bijin no Yu” baths with the scent of Japanese cyprus.

We take pride in our cyprus baths and the southern Echizen hot springs are revered as “Bijin no Yu” (beautifying baths) that leave your skin feeling moist and smooth. Bathing here is also effective for relieving muscle and nerve pains.
The baths are a little small, but still spacious enough to relax and relieve your day-to-day stresses in.

Spring quality:
Sodium bicarbonate saline hot spring (slightly alkaline)

Reservations only outdoor bath “Isaribi”

This separate hot spring facility “Isaribi” is located five minutes from the inn by car, and hotel guests can reserve the outdoor bath here.

Bathing time:  ~ 21:00

The site is located is a gorgeous location right along the shoreline. Enjoy it in many different ways.


There are also fishing rods available for free rental, so even beginners can enjoy trying their luck.

Things to do on the coast

You can also enjoy swimming in the ocean and encountering a various of mysterious creatures.


There is a barbecue area just outside the inn where you can enjoy grilling.