Echizen crab at Heisei

Unique taste for a limited time only

The yellow tags on only the male snow crabs freshly caught off the coast of Fukui prefecture are a sign of the sublime flavors only to be found in autumn. The unforgettably sweet flesh is actually a healthy food low in calories and fat.

Many ways to achieve natural deliciousness

Freshness of locally sourced crabs guarantees its delicious flavor

Fishing boats in Fukui are near to fishing grounds making day trips possible. Hence crabs caught are not frozen but kept alive.

The speed with which the crabs are brought back to shore keeps their seasonal flavor

The day's catch of Echizen crab are auctioned off by that day itself. Only the finest crabs carefully chosen by our trained staff are transported to Heisei's in-house water tanks.

Enjoy the taste of uncompromising quality and freshness

Echizen crab from the Wakasa Bay, where warm currents meet cold currents to create an environment rich in nutrients. You will enjoy the biggest and heaviest crabs of the catch, representing the cream of the crop.